Kingmaker (Argonath - Armored Eagle of the North)

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Progress on 7/13/14
Begins Book 4 (Blood for Blood)

Rulership duties progressed until the beginning of Gozran (April) of 4717. It is now 5 years since the party first set out from Restov with the charter from the Swordlords.

As they are performing their ruling duties, they get a magical message from Loy Rezbin of Tatzlford, speaking of an approaching army. Without hesitation the party mounts up on their hippogriffs (Regina on her Pegasus named Storm Shadow and Caladrel simply wild-shapes into a giant eagle). With their flying mounts they are able to cover the distance to Tatzlford in a matter of hours. Before leaving, Regina gives orders for Lt. Connor Dowtry to take a company to reinforce them. Tessara gives orders to be distributed to the woodland scouts to gather information.

Arriving at Tatzlford, the party has a few amusing moments as they try to get the town hall’s stable boys to take care of the hippogriffs and Storm Shadow. One boy faints and the other stutters in amazement. Finally the mounts are led away and the party meets with Kisandra Numesti. Believing the girl to be too scared to talk to the whole party, Regina shoos them out and talks with Kisandra alone. She explains that the forces are led by Ameon Trask, commander of the guards of Fort Drelev, and how she pretended to be part of their force until she was able to slip away to warn Mayor Rezbin.

Regina comes back out and the party begins to prepare for the attack, knowing it will arrive either that night or the next morning. They have some trenches built, barricades erected, some traps set up in the woods and direct archers to be ready. Regina and Caladrel fly up the Skunk River to scout out the attackers.

They found the attackers and Regina gave them a warning to turn back, but instead the leader fired an arrow at her. She fired back in response and Corson (who was riding on the wild-shaped Caladrel) tossed down a fireball. They returned to Tatzlford to finish up the preparations.

The attackers arrived late that night. It seemed that the fireball and the traps in the forest didn’t do as much damage to their forces as had been hoped. But then Caladrel raised a wind wall to hamper their ranged attacks. That threw the attackers off-balance, and then the trenches and the barricades as they attacked the wall finally did their forces in.

During the battle, the party found themselves battling the trolls that Trask had brought along. Caladrel and Corson stuck together and Regina remained mounted on Storm. She was definitely focused on Trask immediately. Kundal, Faeran and Tessara kept their focus on the trolls and remained on the ground. However, once it became clear that this was a lost battle, Trask made a beeline for the woods, intent on trying to escape back to Fort Drelev.

Regina chased him into the woods and he used one of his fire elemental gems to attempt to delay Regina and give him the chance to escape. However, she ignored the elemental and instead focused her fire on Trask (doing nearly 90 points of damage in a single round). He then surrendered and the others finished off the trolls. Regina took Trask prisoner and brought him back into town, throwing him in jail. She ordered the guards to not let him sleep and to provide no magical healing.

The next morning Regina came in to interrogate Trask. When he wouldn’t speak except to curse at her, she walked out and let Tessara take over. Tess, of course, had no trouble with beating a prisoner and let Trask have it. When Regina came back in, Trask was more than willing to talk and told her about how Baron Drelev felt that an attack on Argonath was the way to gather some power and prestige.

Connor and his forces arrived that morning, and were chagrined that they hadn’t been able to participate. Regina told Connor that he was to bring Trask back to Argonath. She emphasized that she didn’t want to hear about any lack of discipline during the trip. Connor promised that Trask would arrive in exactly the same condition he was in now. Meaning, of course, that Connor and his troops felt free to beat Trask as long as no one was around to see it, and that Trask was alive when they got to Ravneika.

The party flew back to the capital to speak with the rest of the ruling council, even calling Oleg and Svetlana down from Olegton. They presented the ruling council with the events and brought up two items; one was whether to strike back at Baron Drelev and free the town from his rule as requested by Kisandra Numesti. The council was unanimous in that vote. The other vote was for the fate of Ameon Trask; execution or life imprisonment and work in a chain gang. The vote was 6-4 in favor of execution, and Caladrel supported that decision.

When Connor arrived with Trask the next day, Akiros served his duty and executed Trask himself. Of course, this always causes a minor row with Jenna, and Regina felt the need to step in and force Jenna to admit that her anger was with Regina, and to go and forgive Akiros. Now that they have the council’s approval, the party plans to head out and begin planning the downfall of Baron Drelev.

Progress on 6/29/14
Conclusion of Book 3 (Varnhold Vanishing)

The party re-entered Vordakai’s tomb and no difficulties in the ground floor of the tomb. They came up the stairs to the second floor, where they entered the chapel room dedicated to the Four Horsemen. One route would lead them back to the prison cells, so they took the other route.

This led them to a natural cavern with a bubbling, sulfurous tar pit. Regina was the first to be overcome by the nauseating stench, but she would not be the only one (even Kundal and Kesten retched at one point). Caladrel was able to fly himself over, then cast fly on Kundal, having him and Faeran go over to the far side to investigate. Finding nothing but an empty hallway, Kundal was able to carry people across and Corson used his wand of dimension door for the rest.

They followed the hallway to a dead end with doors on either side. Hearing something that might have been a moan to the left, the party went that way, finding a line of empty crypts. But on the floor was the decaying body of an Ulfen man, which the party was able to identify from descriptions they’d read as Willas Gunderson. As they examined the body, a specter of Willas flew from the walls to attack, moaning and screaming and crying that it was all his fault, that he brought him to Varnhold. Faeran and Caladrel both suffered at the specter’s withering touch, feeling their life energy draining away (i.e. negative levels). Once the fight was over, Jhod explained that he’d brought the proper components to help restore their life but he didn’t have the spell prepared at this point, but he should be able to cure them before the life drain became permanent.

Turning to the other room, then came into a large feast hall with a massive stone table. Bodies were propped up in chairs all around the table, most of them decaying with parts of their heads cut off and their brains missing. Behind the table was a large set of stairs that led to a balcony overlooking the feast hall. When the party approached the table, three of the bodies specifically rose and turned to the face them. Jhod recognized one as Caspar Morgarion, a fellow priest of Erastil and one the leaders of the Varnhold. The other two were identifiable as Maegar Varn himself and his wizard companion Cephal Lorentus.

Thinking that there was some special attachment the lich had to the jade “bracelet,” now understood to be a ring sized for a giant (one of the mad ramblings of the specter of Willas Gunderson), Regina raced up to the table and smashed the ring with her greataxe. The other bodies at the table rose and began fighting against the rest of the company. Caladrel (or Corson?) sent a fireball at the three dread zombies, but then Cephal flew into the air and responded in kind. Maegar rushed towards Regina while the priest attempted to use hold person on Kundal, who had rushed him, but the superstitious barbarian was able to throw off the spell’s effects.

Cephal was challenged by Regina and then targeted with a flurry of arrows that dropped him from the sky. Despite Regina taking a nasty swing from Maegar’s sword, he and Caspar fell soon after, unable to resist the party’s strength and numbers.

After taking a short break to heal and gather the magical items of their fallen foes, the party made their way up the stairs to the final areas of the tomb. Caladrel explored the balcony area and discovered a secret door in one wall, while Regina looked down the hallway to a room off by itself. However, she shrugged and followed the rest of the party to the secret door. Caladrel opened the door up and it revealed a small room with a pool of sulfurous water.

Tessara was the first into the room and as soon as she did so the pool exploded and revealed a huge elder water elemental that had been corrupted by the dark energies of the tomb. The party had a difficult time determining whether they were actually hurting the creature or not, especially when the elemental slammed Kundal against the wall, and hammered away at Caladrel and Tessara. However, eventually the elemental was destroyed by a scorching ray from Corson and it exploded in a spray of water soaking everyone.

While everyone rested and began preparing for the next fight, Caladrel and Regina explored the room down the hallway, which was an octagonal room with a giant crystal eye looking down into a circle in the middle of the room. Caladrel was almost overwhelmed by the magical power within this room; a nearly direct conduit of power from the Four Horsemen. Regina began scratching out a few symbols and bits of artwork on the walls, only to suspect that these symbols covered older ones. As she dug down to the older layer she was suddenly filled by a sense of wrongness and revulsion and stopped. When Tessara entered the room, she was able to take a look around and was shocked. She explained that while the tomb around them was more than 10,000 years old, this specific chamber was ancient even at that time. Regina deduced that the entire tomb was probably created around this specific chamber.

Regina asked Tess how they could bring this place down and destroy it all, but Tessara explained this was a tower of stone; it would take months of mining operations and excavation to collapse the tower. She couldn’t just point out a weak spot and have the whole thing crumble. Disappointed but understanding, Regina decided to leave the room alone for now and come back to the issue later.

Everyone readied themselves to enter the next room, which they knew was the final battle against the lich. Regina gave everyone a chance to back out, but Duncan was the one who said there wasn’t a chance (he put it slightly more colorfully, though). They opened the massive bronze doors to see Vordakai at the far end of the room, behind a pool of water that matched this one. He laughed and said he would destroy them and take their knowledge for his own.

The fight was hard, as they party didn’t know about much of his spells or abilities. Caladrel tried using ball lightning, only to realize afterwards that the lich was immune to lightning. Vordakai tried to blind Regina with magic, but she was able to overcome the magic. Kundal and Tessara charged in while Regina and Faeran fired with their bows. Corson tried a magic missile, only discover that Vordakai had a shield up, and Caladrel tried putting a spiked pit under Vordakai, though the giant proved surprisingly nimble and was able to sidestep the spell. After a round or two, Vordakai then cast dominate person on Kundal, and had the barbarian attack Tessara, and the two of them began to fight each other.

Regina, however, was not about to let that happen, and rush Kundal, kissing him and saying “Mine!” This enabled Kundal to throw off the effects of the spell, and back into his rage, he leapt across the pit, slamming Vordakai into the wall and knocking him down. Vordakai tried to use his paralyzing touch on Regina but she was able to resist his power. By this point, Jhod was able to figure out that the party needed to use magical bludgeoning weapons against the lich in order to overcome his resistance to damage.

In the end, Vordakai ended up prone, surrounded by Regina, Kundal and Tessara, the ladies both using magical blunt weapons (a morningstar and warhammer, respectively). Unable to resist the damage or effectively make use of his spells, the lich succumbed to the hammering blows and was destroyed. The three warriors kept striking even after Vordakai was destroyed, all enraged by what had happened.

Regina was the last to stop, gently pulled away from the dusty, crumbling body by Kundal. Jhod and Jenna had noticed Regina’s change in behavior since meeting in Varnhold, and knew that they were going to have to help her. Jenna came up to Regina and embraced her, only to be forcefully pushed away. Though Regina apologized a minute later, Jenna assured her friend that they would be talking when they got back to Ravneika.

They began to loot Vordakai’s treasure hoard, and in the next room came across his collection of remaining soul jars. Telepathically able to communicate with the trapped souls, the party assured the people that they would free them once they’d returned to Varnhold. The party left the tomb and traveled back to Varnhold. Once there, they freed the people from the soul jars, and explained what had happened. The people expressed a willingness to join Argonath once the party expanded their nation’s borders.

They decided to leave the garrison of troops to protect the town, although the party explained that the Nomen centaurs were now allies and there would be no more conflict between them. The garrison commander, Lt. Jaymes Tanyon was part of the heavy infantry, and the party gifted him with a longsword +1 and a suit of half-plate +2, taken from enemies within Vordakai’s tomb.

Regina selected a man named Antony at random from the survivors and appointed him Lord Mayor of Varnhold, and he would be responsible for seeing the people through the winter. Caladrel gave him the magical silver raven they’d acquired in case he needed to get in touch with Ravneika quickly.

Additionally, the party also found Maestro Ervil Pendrod, whom they’d been requested to find by a member of Oppara’s Kitharodian Academy. Although he said he was more than ready to quit fieldwork and return to Oppara, Regina and Caladrel felt they’d acquired enough items to build a museum and offered Maestro Pendrod the position of curator of the museum. He immediately took to the idea and assured the party that he would be offering his resignation to the Kitharodian Academy immediately.

The party then traveled back to Ravneika to rest and heal and run their kingdom. Regina also had her wedding to start working on, planning it for the winter solstice.

Progress on 6/1/14

Headed south towards Vordakai’s tomb, fought army of zombies led by 4 dread zombie Cyclops, Kundal killed in first round (all dead; natural 20 backed up by natural 20 and confirmed). Regina and Duncan go nuts. Lots of charging across the battlefield, Con Dar used to body-check a few of the dread zombies. Regina spends most of fight using greataxe. Fight ends, Caladrel has scroll of raise dead available, Jhod makes it Regina’s choice whether to call him back. They do and raise Kundal (will have 2 negative levels until take break back in Ravneika, will have to decide whether to bring him with into Vordakai’s tomb).

When they reached the Valley of the Dead, they found Aecora Silverfire, leader of the Nomen centaurs waiting there with a small party. She explained that her centaurs would guard the entrance to Olah Ka-Kanket, but their ancient taboos would not allow them to enter. She said that her daughter Xamanthe had safely returned to their camps, and as a reward Aecora gifts the party with numerous potions to help them battle Vordakai. She also tells Regina to keep Skybolt as a symbol of an alliance between the Nomen and the nation of Argonath.

Progress on 4/5/14

The party (minus Regina and Tessara) continued their journey through Vordakai’s tomb, coming up the stairs from the water-filled room trap that they bypassed. Caladrel listened at the door and heard some movement in the room and the party took a few moments to cast some preparatory spells. Then they burst into the room, where there were four creatures, some kind of hellish outsider (actually daemons, the lesser version of the ape-like one).

The fight was lengthy and difficult, in spite of Faeran’s spells to bypass damage reduction and Kundal’s hard hits. Again, the party fought their own individual battles and with little in the way of teamwork. Faeran was brought low on life, as was Kundal. After healing up the party went to the doors to one end of the room and opened them, setting off the stygian fires trap which hit everyone for significant damage.

Moving through the room, they found the abandoned stairs. Faeran and Kundal wanted to inspect the doorway opposite of where they cam in, and Cal and Corson stayed in the doorway in case opening the other doors set off the trap a second time. However, the trap did not go off, and Faeran and Kundal took a look down the hallway, seeing that it went down pretty far. They decided to finish exploring the previous area, and entered the room which summoned the piscodaemon (not that any of them could identify the creature).

After another difficult fight, with the daemon creating a stinking cloud and nauseating Kundal and Corson, and only Caladrel able to bypass its DR (thanks to an oil of bless weapon), the party finally triumphed. There were numerous critical hits and critical fumbles in both fights. After healing up, they moved into the last room in that direction to find the prison where Tess, Regina and a centaur woman were being held. The centaur was Xamanthe, daughter of Aecora Silverfire of the Nomen centaurs. Regina told the others they had to get out of there before the undead Cyclops returned.

They fled the tomb, heading back to Varnhold where they planned to meet up with several of the others from the kingdom. Along the way, Caladrel was able to magically cure Regina of her disease, and everyone was back to full health by the time they arrived in Varnhold. The exception was Tessara, who was still blind, but they were hoping someone would be able to take care of that for her.

It turned out that most of ruling council had come to Varnhold; Akiros, Kesten, Mikmek, Kale, Jhod, Aethan, Jenna, Duncan, Qyzen and Haldir had all come, leaving Conner in charge of the kingdom, with Lizza, Oleg and Svetlana advising him. Although Duncan was well-concealed, Regina knew he was there and had him come with her, where she thanked Duncan for coming along and knowing that he was a good person and would always be where she needed him to be.

Regina then told Duncan, Kundal and Qyzen that she wanted them to scout ahead and prepare secure campsites for the journey back to the tomb. A group of centaurs from the Nomen arrived to acknowledge the safe return of Xamanthe, and that they would assist the group in their journey to the tomb, but they still would not enter the taboo area.

Regina was somewhat surprised to see Jenna was there, who answered that Jhod thought it was something she needed; to be away from the city, out in the wilderness. As a priestess of Erastil, she had to be ready for the rough, simple life. However, she was clearly uncomfortable being so far from Ravneika. She did ask Regina to make sure Akiros stayed safe and came home alive. While Regina panicked that Jenna was pregnant, she was assured that it wasn’t the case, just that Jenna and Akiros were talking about children.

The party spent some time talking with Qyzen and Haldir as well, representatives from the lizardfolk and the elven enclave at Argonath’s southern borders. Regina spent the night with Kundal while everyone rested and prepared to move out the next morning to head back to Vordakai’s tomb and destroy the undead creature.

Progress on 3/22/14

Party camped out in the diamond-shaped room after the fight against the undead zombies. Regina was still feeling ill and Tessara was still blind. For some reason, the entire party found themselves sleeping at the same time for the entire night. When they awoke, Regina and Tessara were both missing.

Kundal and Faeran were both eager to start the search for Regina, and Caladrel wanted to find them both. They began searching the room, finding the tracks of a large giant, larger than the two undead creatures they’d faced the day before. They found a secret door in the north wall, and it opened into a large natural cavern. Faeran and Caladrel noticed a set of stairs under the water, and then Kundal threw a rock into the water, hitting the resident river elasmosaurus in the head and causing it to attack even though no one was in the water. The party killed it rather quickly (Kundal leapt onto the creature and cut its head off for the final blow).

Caladrel wild-shaped into an otter to dive in and explore where the stairs led, and also picked up the magical items that were on a long-dead body at the bottom of the pool of water. The stairs led through a 60 ft. tunnel and into a new room on the far side. Corson took Cal and Kundal to the room via dimension door, while Faeran, who had no difficulty in swimming, took a route through the tunnel to meet them a minute later on the far side.

After exploring the pottery in this room, Faeran and Kundal went on a bit of a destructive spree and smashed most of the pottery. The party then descended the next set of stairs to a pair of doors. They went through and into a hallway, passing a pair of stone statues, and Caladrel noticed the openings for a portcullis. Further down the hall it opened into a larger room, filled with many other statues, all of them human-sized but depicting Cyclops in wartime. The party then spotted the circular doors in the ceiling.

Regina realized that this was a trapped room, and had Kundal go back to the hallway to knock over one of the statues so that it would block the portcullis from closing all the way. Once that was done, the party began looking for an exit. They found the secret door, but as soon as Kundal opened it, the passage they saw was blocked by a portcullis, and they heard the first portcullis slam shut as well (although their plan to block it with the statue worked).

Then the doors in the ceiling opened up and began pouring water into the room. At the same time, where the first two statues had been (including the one Kundal knocked over), two Cyclops zombies broke through the walls. A furious fight looked like it was about to begin, but Corson had Faeran and Kundal grab onto a wand, and he used the wand of dimension door (which the GM had completely forgotten about) and got the three of them to the far side of the portcullis. Caladrel then wild-shaped into an air elemental to slip through the barrier, thus allowing the entire party to bypass the encounter entirely (much to my chagrin). They then began to climb the spiraling staircase.

Progress on 3/15/14

Party started out having arrived at the Valley of the Dead, known to the Nomen as “Olah-Kakanket.” They began traveling through the valley of the Cyclops graves, and eventually the path led them up into the mountains. As they were ascending one path, they encountered a pair of Cyclops dread zombies.

Tess and Kundal moved into combat with one on a narrow part of the path, and Caladrel turned into a giant eagle and began to fly towards them. However, a soul eater sent by Vordakai attacked Caladrel from behind, dealing significant Wisdom damage. Regina had Con Dar charge the first zombie, leaping over its head as she dropped one of the fireballs from her necklace on everyone. Kundal had a good critical with his falchion, cutting a deep crevasse down the face of one of the zombies, but there were several other critical failures, including Faeran shooting himself with his bow.

Eventually defeating the undead and the outsider, the party continued to follow the valley west until they came to the Little Sellen River where they saw Vordakai’s island. Corson took Kundal and Faeran and used dimension door to take them right to the island’s small beach. He cast fly on Con Dar for him and Regina to get across, while Caladrel turned into a bird and Tessara got on his back. As they flew over, they were attacked by a pair of wyverns. Although significant damage was done and Regina and Con Dar were even knocked out of the air, no one was poisoned. In fact, Tessara had leapt from Caladrel onto one wyvern’s back and had stabbed it with her longspear.

They all made it to the island, although they stopped to inspect the wyverns’ nest, giving the greatsword +3 to Kundal. They entered Vordakai’s tomb, stopping to collect the items from the amphora, including old coins from the Cyclops’ empire and a match to the jade “bracelet” found by Willas Gunderson. However, now that they have an opportunity to see it in person, Tessara, who has spent a lot of time with gems and jewelry of late, realized that the bracelet might not be a bracelet, but instead might be a ring for a rather large giant… or Cyclops.

Moving into the next room, they fought the two undead Cyclops (special creatures, used them from Skull & Shackles #4). Tessara was blinded in the first round of combat, but it seemed to do little to hinder her combat ability, as she struck one of the creatures multiple times. Tessara and Regina both also were infected with a disease by the creatures, although Caladrel was able to cure Tessara of it afterwards. There were several critical failures and even more near-misses during the fight, but eventually the party prevailed, despite several of them being brought close to death.

However, Tessara is still blind due to the Cyclops’ breath weapons and Regina is still suffering from the disease.

Progress on 3/8/14

The party continued to follow the tracks of the Great Cyclops, heading south and west into the Tors. They made their way to Ironstone Gully (area V, H4) where they fought a group of Fachens; hideous, one-legged and one-armed creatures. Caladrel tried out a new spell for the first time: baleful polymorph, which he used to turn one of the creatures into a rabbit. The party explored the cave that the Fachens came out of and discovered that it was a rich vein of iron ore.

The party then continued to follow the tracks west to Dragonleaf Gulch (area U, H3) where they saw the small island in the middle of the Gudrin River. Tessara leapt off the cliff overlooking the island and gently floated into the water, swimming closer, but she was snapped up by the giant flytrap that inhabited the island. The others started firing at the creature with ranged weapons until it was destroyed. Then Tessara used her ability to detect magic to find the treasure that was on the island.

Following the tracks southwest, the party came to the Cyclops’ lair in the Whispering Grotto (area Y, I2) and were able to tell that it was a gem mine, and an excellent resource for when their kingdom expands this far east. They then traveled back north to Lake Silverstep, where they found its magnificent clear water and playful fey to be very relaxing. They all played about in the water (Regina getting terribly embarrassed when several began to disrobe as a joke, including Caladrel, Corson and Kundal). They spent that day and the next fishing for silver eels to bring back to Bran al’Vere at the Stag Lord Inn.

The party then returned to Ravneika for the last week of Erastus (July) and spent all of Arodus (August) and the first week of Rova (September) in their kingdom performing their various duties. They turned in several quests that they’d picked up during the course of the adventure, including turning in the silver eels to Bran al’Vere, the roc egg to the chef for the giant omelet, the manticore quills to the poet to write the epic of the kingdom’s founding, and giving news to Tomin Hanvaki of his brother’s death. The latter was comforted by Lily Teskertin, hanging onto his arm.

Regina conducted several inspections of her troops, handled some promotions, etc. She decided that the bastard sword and scabbard found in the giant flytrap’s hoard would be a good template for the creation of an officer’s official weapon. She also planned to have Connor and Duncan given command of platoons; Connor with the heavy infantry and Duncan with the rangers.

As the second week of Rova begins, the party sets out again, this time planning on heading to the Valley of the Dead that the Nomen centaurs told them about. They used their folding boat to travel across the Tuskwater and then up the Gudrin River, finally debarking on the southeastern shores of Lake Silverstep (G3). They explored this area and were attacked by a pair of stymphalidies; golden man-eating heron-like birds. Caladrel was able to polymorph one into a harmless animal, and then the party took on the other one. Although difficult to injure, the party was not in a great deal of danger from the lone creature and they were able to defeat it without too much trouble. Once it was killed, Tessara took a few feathers as a trophy and Regina was able to salvage 16 feathers to use as arrowheads (will be treated as adamantine).

Progress on 1/20/14

The party moved into area E5, but I gave them the information for the linnorm grave. Regina was thinking of making it a giant playground for children until Kundal told her that the Nomen centaurs considered this a holy site.

The following day they traveled to area F5 and upon exploring the region the following day they found and fought against an ancient great Cyclops. Although several were significantly wounded, they were able to defeat the creature. Upon searching its body, they found a large number of uncut gems that would be worth a small fortune once properly cut and set. Deciding that there must be a mine nearby, they decided to follow the Cyclops tracks to see if they could find it.

They followed the Cyclops’ tracks south to the area of the Ghost Stone, where the phase spider Zzamas approached them and asked them to fight the xills on its behalf. The party agreed, and engaged the creatures of the Ethereal Plane the following day. It was a hard fight and there was very little coordination among the group. Caladrel turned into a large eagle to allow Corson on his back, while the others seemed to fight their own individual battles. Fortunately, although several members of the party were bitten, none of them succumbed to the creatures’ paralytic bite, and none were threatened with being implanted with xill eggs.

When the fight was over, Zzamas popped back out of the Ethereal Plane where it was waiting and hiding (if anyone had been taken to that plane by the xills, Zzamas would have brought them back). Once seeing that the xills were dead or driven off (one escaped), Zzamas presented the party with the secret chest as promised.

Progress on 12/30/13

The party started out at the centaur burial mounds after fighting the manticores. They moved southwest to area C6, where they met the plains dryad (see VV Bestiary). The fey creature was utterly terrified and was afraid they worked for Nyrissa. Upon learning that they did not, she warned them about facing Nyrissa and then polymorphed into an owl and flew away.

The party then moved southeast to area D7, where they were attacked by a bull mastodon, but the solitary creature was no match for them and they quickly slaughtered it. They took much of its meat and took its tusks as trophies. They then returned to Varnhold to check in, resupply and have the tusks sent on to Ravneika. The party spent a couple nights at Varnhold and then set off again.

They went to area D5 and explored the hills, where they were attacked by a pair of peludas; draconic creatures with poisoned quills. The peludas were young, but even so their poison wreaked havoc on the party, bringing Regina and Con Dar close to death. However, Corson was able to create a spiked pit beneath one so the party could focus on the other. Kundal was able to decapitate one (from critical card). Once the fight was over, Caladrel expended a great deal of his magic curing the various members of the party of the effects of the poison, so that the remnants would filter out of their bodies overnight.


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